Sox of Love ❤️

Wanted to find a way to give back to the community and like anything you must get creative and just attack to find an idea.

Found that most with low income have a hard time with clothing . A big item that is nessecary are socks which wear and tear when using your feet for transportation.

Started stocking up on our logo black long socks, which with every sock purchase two pairs will be donated to Sox of Love and other donating events going on around oklahoma. 

We were recommended to look into Sox of Love from a friend. Learned a lot the foundation and all who they were reaching out to help, which went beyond what our thoughts were which was just focused on homeless for the winter. 

Now with a connecting and knowing our targets we can move forward to showing leadership and reach out for something greater than our own.

Please visit Sox Of Love website and learn of the foundation and donate if you can.

Link below

Also check out our TE logo Black long socks to help the cause as well. 

Thank you and keep pushing !